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Noa Kiryati – Jewelry Designer and Goldsmith

The jewel is inside the material

Noa Kiryati, Jewelry designer and creator, creates jewels from her inside world, from her sensations, feelings and the challenge of the material. Each piece of jewelry is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, with a unique nature.

The ability to combine professionalism and muse of creativity, passion and listening to the material, has created a breathtaking jewelry collection which speaks several design languages and combines work with gold, silver and gem stones.
 Women, who desire to wear unique piece of jewelry, can find in Noa`s collection a variety of rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Each of them is created with punctilious handcraft, noticing all the little details.

Hand made Jewelry; - a unique piece of jewelry starts with a unique idea!
Noa Kiryati, a jewelry maker and a teacher, graduated the Israeli Jewelry Technology Center and has worked her all life in different handcrafts. When she just discovered jewelry making, it was a love at first sight, and since then Noa has kept improving her creation techniques, so that she can create high quality unique jewelry.

The motto, which guides her, is professionalism without compromises, along side of freedom of design, which is expressed by both classical and modern designs. You can find ethnic jewelry designs, shoulder-to-shoulder with classic and modern combinations of silver, gold, diamonds and gem stones, all handmade.

Noa uses high quality materials for her jewelry including gold (14K and 18K), Fine and Sterling silver (925), diamonds and a wide variety of gem stones. In order to maintain the joy of creation and the uniqueness of the jewelry, Noa decided to make each piece of jewelry only once (one of a kind). 

"The ability to create from love, for each and every one of you turns my work into an experience that has no comparison.
I invite you to see for yourselves the variety of jewelry in my collection. Choose that single piece of jewelry you can see yourself, or the person you love wearing, because every woman should have a unique piece of jewelry!" (Love, Noa Kiryati)."

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